Advanced Mortgage Calculator With Taxes and Insurance

You can use this advanced mortgage calculator to calculate an estimated amortization schedule for your current mortgage. This mortgage calculator quickly show the result on monthly and yearly basis with a chart. You not only see but also print the estimated amortization schedule for future records. This mortgage also have the option to enter the down payment, PMI, Property Tax, Insurance and also extra money you want to pay per month. This way you can easily see the impact of any prepayment on principal. Enter the best possible data in calculator and Press “calculate” to generate the report. Click on amortization schedule to see and print the table.In case of any other help see the detailed instruction below the mortgage calculator.



  • Principal: It is the total mortgage loan amount in USD($).
  • Taxes: Fixed tax interest rate for the mortgage loan amount. Enter the annual fixed tax rate for mortgage amount, don’t enter %.
  • Term: Number of year to repay the loan amount. Select the number of years from the drop down menu.
  • Down Payment: The amount that we paid while mortgage.
  • Property Taxes: Expected yearly property tax you need to pay. Enter the expected amount on the property tax.
  • Insurance: Expected yearly home owners amount you need to pay. Enter the yearly expected amount in USD.
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Usually paid in case of no down payment. Expected yearly PMI amount you need to pay. Enter the yearly expected amount in USD.
  • Extra Payment: The amount you wish to pay extra per month to finish the loan before time. Enter per month amount in USD.
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